If you love hanging around the beach you’ll agree to the fact that each beach has its own unique features. Those with families always prefer beaches with lifeguards, convenient concessions, and safe waters. On the other hand, we have those who love adventure and want to explore a pristine coral or enjoy a strong surf on the beach. It doesn’t matter the type of beach you want, the listed tropical beach vacation destinations below are sure to please.

  • Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Kauai has about fifty miles of beaches with plenty of shoreline to explore. One of the best beaches on Kauai is the Poipu beach. The beach features plenty of snorkeling and scuba appeal, good surf conditions, and rocky outcroppings. All these features make it a perfect family-friendly beach. Towards the eastern end on this beach lies a park where there are restrooms, showers as well as lifeguards. If you’ve watched films such as Jurassic Park, King Kong, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, you’ve seen a representation of the beauty in Kauai.

  • Coki Point Beach, St. Thomas

Coki Point Beach is not only popular for its crystal-clear waters but also offers great opportunities for snorkeling, parasailing, and water skiing. Visitors can enjoy great visibility while snorkeling and playing other watersports. St. Thomas, also known as Secret Harbour, is one of the tropical islands that offer a quieter environment. My good buddy Jared from Jackson Appliance Repair Company comes down every year to Secret Harbour. He really deserves it as he and his wife Joy do great work up in Mississippi. I’d say they offer the best appliance repair Jackson MS has ever seen, to be honest. The strips of sand, crystal-clear waters, and spectacular views of Thatch Cay has made this destination one of the best for both families and single individuals.

  • Troncones, Mexico

The beach at Troncones is one of the best due to its quiet, slow-paced living. Located on the western coast of Mexico, Troncones has much to offer from kayaking trips through Capire’s Estuary to walking tours, to horseback riding along the beach and hiking through Sierra Madre Mountains.

  • Miami Beach and Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

Visitors travel to Miami and Florida Keys not only to see the many attractions here but also Jet Ski, swim, and surf in the warm and crystal clear waters at Miami Beach. It’s upon you to decide whether to watch the celebrities and models on the beach (South Beach) or nap on the white sands.

At Bahia Honda State Park, you’ll find award-winning beaches with soft white sand. The surroundings at Sandspur Beach form a perfect environment for picnics. Other activities for visitors here include birdwatching, boating, and cycling.

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