The Emerging trends of Co-Working Spaces to watch out this year

With the changing times, the work culture has undergone a huge transition. One such transition in the work culture has been brought by the co-working spaces or the collaborative offices. Co-working spaces have become a popular term worldwide and has been aiding the startups, small businesses that are bootstrapping everything from the ground level all by themselves.

The people and the companies are growing together. The competitors are no longer seen as rivals but collaborators helping each other grow their networks. Co-working spaces serve as a good fortune for the entrepreneurs who are sparing no effort in becoming successful through their innovative ideas yet fail because of the inability to bear the expenses.

According to a research, the year 2017 has seen the largest growth in co-working and as the no. of industries are evolving, the trend for co working spaces is likely to see a leap this year and in the following years due to the following reasons-

Rising demand

The frequency with which the no. of startups and businesses are rising, the demand for shared spaces will continue to rise in the coming years. There will be a lot of space issues that the new companies might have to face for which co-working spaces shall serve as a cost-effective and one of the best alternatives.

Bigger corporations tend to make a move

It’s not just small businesses or startups that are looking forward to availing the benefits of co-working spaces. The bigger corporations have started to pick up on the trend having realized the value of working in cross-functional teams. Such spaces offer not just cost-effective solutions but also the collaboration of new ideas. The companies like Facebook, IBM, HSB, E&Y and Cisco have started using the benefits of the co-working culture and the trend is likely to see a rise in 2018 and coming years too.

The number of self-employed individuals is growing globally

As per researches, there are no solid estimates of the total number of global self-employed individuals. However, various other statistics prove that their numbers are large and growing. This growth, coupled with a growing realization of the value of co-working by independent workers, will continue to increase the demand for co-working spaces in future.

Startups are likely to incline towards co-working spaces

Starting a business accompanies ample amount of expenses and such business owners are more likely to understand the cost, flexibility of the co-working spaces. Because of these advantages, co-working spaces will continue to be the point of preference for most startups.

The changing work culture is likely to give a boost to the co-working culture in the future. So if you are a big corporation or a startup, you can give make your business successful by availing the variety of benefits that a co-working space offers.


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